047 GUEST: Real Estate Sales Success Secrets (that everyone can use) with Van Deeb

Today’s guest is one of the most successful real estate professionals in the country, and he shares success principles that everyone can use.

Van Deeb started DEEB  Realty from the basement of his home, and grew it to over 350 agents, making it one of the largest independent firms in the U.S. Van sold his company, and today, inspires sales and service professionals, not only in the real estate business, but in all fields, on how to reach their potential and be more successful.

Listen to the Quote of the Day at [23:15]

Highlights of this episode:

[01:39] How Van and Art first met…in the shower. (What?!)
[2:26] Van’s first paid sales job
[4:50] Lessons learned from his early sales jobs
[5:42] How Van first got into the real estate business
[9:20] What Van did that set him apart from the other sales reps
[13:45] Van left his successful position in Dallas, to start from scratch in Omaha
[15:55] Why other agents wanted to come work for Van
[16:48] Practices that Van used and taught that we all can use
[18:55] The importance of follow up, and the use of the phone
[22:28] Van’s success advice for everyone in sales
[23:17] Hear Van’s favorite quote


Van Deeb Contact Information

Direct line: 402-680-8448

Get details on Van’s books, podcast, email newsletter, how to hire him to speak for your group, and more at VanDeeb.com

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