185 Negative Sales Assumptions Usually Come True

Negative assumptions in sales typically become reality. From whether it be the quality of a lead, or if someone is qualified to buy, if we assume negatively, we usually make it come true.

Sometimes erroneously, which could cause us to lose sales.

See what we should think and do instead to make our assumptions positive.

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  • Tim C says:

    Great one Art. This one hits home. Negative thoughts and assumptions come so easy and of course then can make them easier to come true. I once read if you have the choice of thinking positively or thinking negatively, no matter the unknown outcome, why would you choose the negative thought. Torture??? Thanks for the great info. Enjoy Scottsdale Golf! No better place to play on earth. (my humble opinion)

    • Art Sobczak says:

      Thanks Tim, great point. Yet, people choose the hegative option all of the time. Crazy. And agreed, great golf here… especially when there is snow and freezing temps in much of the country!

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