257 This “Soft Skill” Will Make You Hard Money

Art goes on a bit of a rant today, commenting on an article about the lack of soft skills in today’s business environment.

You’ll hear about the one soft skill that is extremely important in sales–and life in general– and will help you, and everyone you come in contact with.


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  • Rose says:

    So very true. Boy could we buddy up and rant together, Art. It’s about the ‘why’. People need to get back to ‘purpose’. Loved this. My recent example. Yesterday afternoon … Had a busy mixed up day. (Don’t we all?) Decided to order a few groceries online to save time and just pick up. I always choose the most ethical and/or organic I can find. I am brand specific. I get home. What? No eggs?? Not only did my receipt show I was charged $8.99 for a dozen, which is crazy, I called the food store and the customer service gal said; “Oh. Sorry. We have a lot of younger people picking orders and they really don’t care.”

    • Art Sobczak says:

      THAT is maddening. I’m sure you escalated that to someone who did care.

  • Robert says:

    YES ! The lack of BASIC communication skills and listening skills are very evident in many of the younger generation.

    • Art Sobczak says:

      I see it with, ahem, more veteran people as well!

  • Soft skills matter, in the same way knowing English and basic Math skills matter. While students may think they’ll never use these, it’s amazing how dependent upon these skills I am as a sales professional. I think one other thing was missing in your message. You missed respect. While listening attentively is important, it’s also respectful as well as a way to impress upon the person you’re speaking with that you ARE paying attention and different than many of your peers. That alone may close the deal for you.

    • Art Sobczak says:

      Agreed. Although listening intently is a sign of respect.

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