Transcript of Episode 138: “Three Prospecting Openings/Voice Mail Scripts You Can Use Right Now”

I’m recording this at the end of April, 2020, when we are still in the midst of the pandemic slowdown. What I’m going to cover today is especially relevant now, but it is also timeless and you’ll be able to adapt it and use it regardless of when you are listening or watching, as this episode is also on video.

A question I’m hearing a lot during this current situation  is, “Should I be prospecting right now?”

Well, for most businesses, the answer is, “Only if you want to stay in business after we pull out of this thing.”

I understand that entire industries have been decimated. Jobs have been lost.

But others are thriving and crushing it.

And the ones in the middle… the ones that have slowed down but are still operating… what they are doing today, right now, will determine where they are six months after things begin to normalize.

The question for sales pros then is, “How do I do it? What do I say?”

We’ll we covered this in my special Sales Stimulus Training, which is my Smart Calling College training course. You can see that at

In one of the live training webinars we reviewed the Opening Statement module (which also included voice mail) and I shared ideas for what can go into your prospecting voice mails and call openings.

I’ll give some of those to you right now.

Before I do, please know that all of this is predicated on doing the groundwork first That includes doing your research and intel-gathering before your call (the 
Smart Calling Intel Engine is perfect for that), you can see that at,  then identifying the Possible Value Proposition for your prospect, setting your Primary and Secondary Objectives, and then putting together your messaging using the proven templates.

To customize your prospecting for our current situation I suggest modifying what you’d typically use with any of the following:

The “Unusual” Opening

It goes like this

“Hi Mike, Pat Seller with Info Services. First, I know it might seem unusual to be getting a call from someone right now talking about _____, (this would be the result of your product or service, not your product or service)

but actually what we’re seeing is businesses in the _____industry

(which would be their industry)

preparing for…”

For example,

I know it might seem unusual to be getting a call from someone right now talking about getting more store traffic when they aren’t even open, but actually what we’re seeing is that the really forward-thinking boutiques are preparing for when things loosen up, people can finally get out of the house, and how they will be one of the first places people will want to go…”

The “Two Paths” Opening

After introducing yourself and company…

“In speaking with other (their title/type of company)

I’m hearing two distinct paths that are being taken: some are completely suspending looking at anything until this all blows over, or, they are positioning themselves to hit the ground running as it relates to their opportunity to …”

Then you’d fill in with the impending future desired result that you can help with. For example,

-“Be in a good inventory position to handle what likely will be a sudden demand…”

-“Quickly mobilize on the new niches that will be created in your industry…”

-“Have staff trained and ready to respond to the inevitable rush of business…”

Then continue with,

“If you fall into the second group, we have some information available that could help to…”

The “Things Have Changed” Opening

This one does a little Ninja mind trick as it states the value of what you sell and piques curiosity, but then reverses course and says that’s not why you are calling, because of course things have changed. You are just calling to provide information today.

For example,

“I know that most people—and budgets– are in lockdown right now, and if we weren’t in the current situation I’d be calling you to see if we could meet regarding how we work with_______,

((Their type of business, or their title)

helping them to_______.

(Fill in with the actual beneficial results you deliver)

Well, our business has changed, like yours, and what we’re doing now is providing ideas to______.”

Then you would continue with some information that would be of timely value today.

Financial advisors could say, “… help you to interpret some of the fine print in the CARE Act, specific to your industry that a lot of businesses are overlooking…”

IT providers could say, “… help your staff with some of the important database maintenance that usually gets deferred but now they have time to perform…”

But First… Get Personal

Very importantly, because prospecting today is more of a longer-term game than an immediate get the sale or meeting, we want to connect on a personal level.

I’ve always found that sales reps were pretty evenly split on the “How are you today” small talking at the beginning of call. Well, again, everything has changed. I strongly suggest you do ask how they are. And mean it.


And share of yourself.

I hope these ideas help you.

OK, you know what time it is?
That’s right it’s time for the quote of the day. And today’s quote comes from Brian Tracy.

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” – Brian Tracy.

OK, hey, speaking of helping, who do you know who also would get value from this episode, and this show? Would you please do them a favor and forward this to them? Or send them to the show site, Also, post it on LinkedIn, and your other social media. Others will appreciate it, and I already appreciate you for being here. Thanks for investing your valuable sales time with me today.

And remember, the world needs you right now. Go make things happen, and make the world better.

I’m Art Sobczak.