007- The Most Important Sales Skill Everyone Uses Every Day
The most important skill in being wildly successful in sales--and in most human interactions-- is not talking, but listening. Everyone knows how to do it, but most do it poorly. In this episode you'll hear the "Two P's of Listening" and when you implement them, you will have more sales success. Hear The Quote of the Day at 8:32
006- Close More Sales Without Using Goofy Closing Techniques
The words "close," "closer," and "closing" are synonymous with sales. However, many people have it all wrong when it comes to closing, and that results in NOT getting the sales.     Often the focus is on closing "techniques" which is NOT the key to actually closing more sales. You'll hear what you should do, and how, to actually close more, without using goofy closing techniques. Hear the Quote of the Day at 7:29
005 – How to Get Through Gatekeepers and Screeners; DON’T
Lots of conventional sales material says to "get past" the gatekeeper, or is about "going through" the screener. And that is bad information, which actually salespeople to get shut down and turned away. You'll hear the professional, authentic way to deal with assistants, and how to get them working WITH you, instead of against you.
004 – How to Never Be Rejected Again
The fear of rejection is what stops many salespeople from being successful, and has prevented many others from even getting into sales. It should not, and does not need to be that way. Art discusses what rejection really is, how you can avoid it, never feel rejected again in sales, and even accomplish things when you get no's.
003 – The “Cold” is Dead, But Not the Calling; How to Prospect the Smart Way
"Cold" calling is indeed dead, and should never be done. There's no reason to, other than laziness. However, the calling for new business IS very much alive, and being done in the Smart way by salespeople to generate massive amounts of new business. Hear what should be avoided, and what to do so you can Smart Call to get through, get in, and sell to more interested buyers. (Resource mentioned: Smart Calling)
002 – How to Get People to Do What You Want–Without TELLING Them to Do It
When you tell someone what you thing they should do or think, and they haven't gone there yet with their own thinking, AND if the suggestion is off-target, the natural reaction is resistance. Which is exactly what many salespeople do every day. Here's what you can and should do instead in order to help people to take the action you want, and have them feel good about it, even thinking it was their idea.