150 Add This “Magic” Question to Your Objection-Handling Process

As Art has always taught, trying to “overcome” objections with slick rebuttals is dumb, since it is just telling someone they are wrong, which does not end well.

Instead, we need to follow a conversational process.

You’ll hear this process, along with a new “magic” question that Art has added that helps people to open up, doubt their previous stance, and consider your offer in a different, more favorable way.

Hear the Quote of the Day at [6:40].

Here is the YouTube video where Art trains on how deal with real objections.

Here are more podcast episodes on objections:

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Here is an entire comprehensive training webinar Art did on objections, going in depth on the process, along with how to deal with a number of the most common objections you hear.


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  • Jack says:

    This is one of the best podcasts you’ve given Art! Excellent advice on how to respond to objections. Thanks for sending!

  • Morgan says:

    Very good objection handling. Thank you.

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