057 GUEST: Sales Truth, with Mike Weinberg

There has been a lot of false and misleading advice spread about sales and prospecting, and what does and does not work.

Mike Weinberg has stepped up and called BS on a lot of it, in a big way, in his new book, “Sales Truth.”

In this episode, he shares with Art some of the nonsense that is out there, and the Truth about what is working–still.

[3:11] What Mike did previously, and what prompted him to write “New Sales. Simplified” and get into the coaching and consulting business.
[5:06] The inspiration for writing a book about Sales Truths. (Being angry, and concerned.)
[7:46] Mike explains the Fads, Flavors of the Day, and Bandwagon Jumpers.
[11:27] The Kylie Jenner story.
[14:44] Mike’s advice for the salespeople who want the “easy button”
[21:03] Mike blows up more of the myths being perpetuated today.
[25:24] The TRUTH: what is (still) working in sales.
[31:45] Mike holds nothing back, talking about Procurement (he called them Procurement Weenies!)
[36:00] MIke’s final advice for salespeople to be successful.
[37:50] Mike’s favorite quote… from his Dad.

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