204 GUEST: How to Look Them in the Eye Through Video, Build Relationships, and Sell, with Julie Hansen

While video has become a big part of the lives of many sales pros, most do not use it as effectively as they could. And many more are just awful.

Julie Hansen, actor and sales author and trainer, shares eye-opening and essential techniques used by on-camera pros for creating a near in-person experience to build deeper relationships, and communicating with greater influence and credibility.

Watch the video of the podcast here:

Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen is the founder of Performance Sales and Training  and the author of three sales books:  Sales Presentations for DummiesACT Like a Sales Pro, and the just-released, Look Me in the Eye–Using Video to Build Relationships with Customer, Partners and Teams.

In addition to a successful career in sales leadership, Julie worked as a professional actor performing in over 50 plays, commercials and television shows and is now helping salespeople master the virtual stage through her Selling ON-Camera Master Classes and Workshops.


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