214 Questions to Ask Yourself to Have Your Best Year Ever in 2022

Ok, it’s going to be the new year shortly, or perhaps it is depending on when you are reading or listening to this.

Are you going to be a participant, and let things happen?

Or is this the year where you really MAKE things happen?

It’s your choice. 2022 is totally indifferent as to what you do. It will roll by, day by day.

Some people are absolutely going to crush it this year, and sell more than they ever have. Make more money than they ever have. Be happier and more fulfilled than they ever have.

Others will drift. Exist. Squeak by. And perhaps wonder where the time went.

Decide. Today. Be in the former group, not the latter.

And I have something to help you do just that.

Several years ago I started a tradition of posting a list of questions for sales pros to ask themselves as they started their new year.

My recommendation is to copy and paste them into a document. Create space between each one. Print the pages off. Yes, on real paper. Then, lock yourself in a room. Without your phone or a computer.

And write out your answers to the questions.

Then, put them into practice.

I guarantee if you do this simple activity, you will feel energized as you are doing it .

Possibilities will open up for you. You will be motivated to take action.

You can do this.

Will you?

Let me know how you do!

Here we go:

  • What are you going to do to improve your industry and product knowledge in 2022?
  • How many inactive customers will you revive and turn into regular customers again?
  • What do you need to do to make that happen?
  • What will you do to ensure you’re protecting your best customers, and adding more value to the relationships?
  • How will you sell even more to them?
  • How many new customers will you bring on this year?
  • How do you plan to do that, specifically?
  • What will you do to improve your physical health in 2022?
  • What, specifically, are your sales and production goals for 2022?
  • How does that break down into quarterly, monthly and weekly  goals?
  • How much more money will you make in 2022?
  • How will that happen?
  • What will you need to do, today, to take the first steps in that direction?
  • What will you need to do to increase THAT number by an additional 10%?
  • What are you going to do every day to keep your attitude at a high level?
  • How much time are you going to invest, daily, to improve your own sales skills?
  • How will you invest that time?
  • How many referrals did you get last year in 2021?
  • How did get them?
  • From whom?
  • What will you do to turn them into sales?
  • What will you do to get more in 2022?
  • Speaking of referrals, will you please forward this to two others who would also benefit from these? (OK, that’s one of mine.)
  • In which areas will you improve your personal, family, and spiritual life?
  • How are you going to maximize the use of your time?
  • Where will you cut out the time-wasters in each day?
  • What have you been putting off that you will take care of within the next two weeks?
  • Who can you help to feel special every day?
  • What challenge, wish or desire–that you’ve never attempted before–will you finally achieve in 2022?
  • How will you do that?
  • Why?
  • Where are you going to write all of this down so you can review and revise your plans regularly?
  • What will it LOOK like when you accomplish everything you’ve just been thinking about?
  • How good will it FEEL?
  • What will it SOUND like when you achieve these things?
  • Why COULDN’T you do all of this?

Any answer to that last one is not a reason, but rather a self-imposed limitation, excuse, or lack of desire or effort.

The biggest deterrent to success looks us in the mirror every day.

Now, go out and plan to have, no, COMMIT to …… YOUR BEST YEAR EVER IN 2022!

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