275 GUEST: Sales Lessons of the World’s Greatest Mentor, with Tim Rohrer

Can you imagine someone being so impacted by a mentor that they write an entire BOOK and publish it as thanks?

That’s exactly what sales pro Tim Rohrer did with his sales manager. His book, “Sales Lessons from the World’s Greatest Mentor” details his relationship with his sales manager, and the many life and sales lessons he learned on the way to becoming a top sales producer.

We all will benefit from these insightul, real-world tips and strategies.

Tim J.M. Rohrer

Tim J.M. Rohrer is an award-winning sales director with over 25 years of experience in sales and sales management in various industries from automotive to media. He coaches and mentors salespeople and sales leaders, as well as consults and provides training to sales organizations. He is the author of Sales Lessons of the World’s Greatest Mentor. Tim loves telling his stories and is always looking for an audience that isn’t tired of hearing them.Connect with Tim on LinkedIn.

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