288 Call Avoidance is Actually Just Being Selfish

In this episode Art addresses the topic of call reluctance among sales professionals, BDRs, and SDRs. 

He discusses how avoiding prospecting or sales calls due to fear of rejection is not only detrimental to the salesperson but is also selfish because it deprives potential customers of the value the salesperson has to offer. 
Art emphasizes changing the narrative around rejection and focusing instead on the value and service being provided to others. He encourages sales professionals to view their role as an obligation to share their message with potential customers who may greatly benefit from their products or services. 
Special attention is given to changing one’s mindset, conquering fears through action, and the importance of positive self-talk in becoming a successful salesperson. Dale Carnegie’s quote on conquering fear through action is highlighted to inspire listeners. 
Art also mentions previous episodes that offer further advice on overcoming fear of rejection and announces future content focused on the mental and identity aspects of sales. The episode is aimed at motivating salespeople to overcome call reluctance and make the most of their sales opportunities.

[00:24] Overcoming Call Reluctance: A Selfish Barrier to Success
[01:31] The Power of Positive Thinking in Sales
[04:59] Action vs. Inaction: Dale Carnegie’s Wisdom
[05:33] Further Learning and Resources
[06:21] The Importance of Mindset in Achieving Sales Potential
[07:05] Stay Updated with Future Episodes
[07:35] Closing Thoughts and Gratitude
Here are other episodes that go deeper into never experiencing rejection”

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