148 Art Places a Call Back in Time to 1983–to Himself!”

Ten years ago Art did a keynote presentation to an American Association of Inside Sales Professionals group.

He called it “People 1.0” and wanted to illustrate the importance of the human connection in sales.

To creatively show how, despite the technology available to us, we need to focus even more on the personal touch, he simulated a call back to 1983, to himself.

You’ll hear that entire “call” below. Enjoy!

Hear the Quote of the Day at [16:36]

  • Art – really great video! You offered some some great advice in a very memorable way – Richard.Brock@SalesRelevance.com

  • Mike says:

    This is great!!!! very relevant!!

  • Kyle says:

    Great insights! Yes, we are more out of touch today even though we are more “connected.”

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