239 How Casino Dealers Sell (and sold us)

Many jobs that aren’t considered sales, actually involve a lot of selling.

Casino dealers are in that category.

Art shares his recent, positive Las Vegas experience and how the dealers at one casino were the ultimate sales pros.


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  • Josh says:

    Great podcast episode Art! Makes me want to go to Ellis Island and is a great reminder of the importance nurturing even a new relationship.

    • Art Sobczak says:

      Glad you liked it, Josh!

  • Deb waitkus says:

    Love this art and will have to check out Ellis island. The dealers remind me of how I experienced the staff at oasis when I had my knee replaced in March. I even received and thank you card a month after my surgery signed by everyone who helped me.

    • Art Sobczak says:

      Thanks Deb… the human touch in service is more important than ever in this tech world.

  • Scott Davis says:

    Great episode

    • Art Sobczak says:

      Glad you liked it, Scott!

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