The Top Five Most Listened-To Episodes of 2023

1. A Simple Question to Help Them Take Action- Episode 251

A common complaint of salespeople is that prospects don’t move. They don’t take action. So pipelines get clogged up. And it’s the salesperson’s own fault.

In this episode I share a simple question that will help people actually see themselves taking action, which is a prerequisite for anyone doing anything.

You’ll be able to adapt the question for your own calls, and get more people moving today.

([4:15] running time)

2. Here’s the Persuasion Secret that Everyone Doesn’t Know- Episode 254

It’s a psychological principle that people’s desire for things increase in relation to its scarcity.

There are many ways this is used in sales, and life in general. (It might be why the title of this episode intrigued you.)

You’ll hear how you can use it in your own sales.

([9:31] running time)

3. A Cold Caller Destroyed, Then Coached- Episode 269

I received the coldest of cold calls, where the rep made four fatal mistakes in just the opening sentences, then it got worse. Sadly, it’s typical of some of the nonsense that is taught about prospecting.

Instead of just getting rid of the clueless caller, I used it as an opportunity to coach him on what could and should have been said to create interest and engage.

Hear what you should avoid, and do, on prospecting calls to take out the “cold,” make them Smart, and actually have meaningful conversations with curious, interested buyers.
([12:52] running time)

4. How to Avoid Saying Things that Kill Sales- Episode 253

Many sales opportunities are lost due to the bad choices of words that salespeople use.

They say things to actually create objections that were never there in the first place.

In this episode you’ll hear examples of these, and what to do to avoid them.
([6:41] running time)

5. How to Respond when They Say “Not Now”- Episode 270

When a prospect or customers says, “The timing isn’t right, right now,” what should you do?

What you should NOT do is just offer to call back at future date. That could just move the next brush off further out.

We do want to figure out, first, if they are or would be a buyer, why the timing isn’t right, and get commitment that they will buy in the future.

You’ll hear exactly how to do this, along with messaging examples you can use and adapt.
([10:55] running time)

6. Three Simple Persuasion Techniques (proven by science)-Episode 259

I know, I promised the top five, but this one was just a few downloads behind number five, so I wanted you to have it, too. It’s just six minutes.

Often the simplest words, phrases, and actions can have the greatest impact on others.

Here are three simple techniques that everyone likely has the opportunity to use everyday, to help you help others, and to increase your sales as a result.
([6:16] running time)