228 GUEST: Police Detective Interviewing and Interrogation Secrets, with Mike Butera

There are many similarities between professional sales, and what police detectives do in their interview and interrogation process.

Today’s guest, Mike Butera, is a 24-year veteran of the Omaha Police Department, having served in almost every unit. And he now is a professor at Bellevue University, teaching new officers.

Mike shares a number of strategies, tactics, processes, and other fascinating insights from his experiences, and we also relate them to sales.


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  • Rose Molz says:

    This REALLY WAS a good one. When I was in college – and after – I dated a detective for 13 years. Amazing the correlation between police work and sales. (Especially learning to tell when someone is just spoofing you.) Thank you for this and for your buddy, Mike Butera, who shared his knowledge and experience.

    • Art Sobczak says:

      Thanks Rose, I agree… Mike shared some valuable, and interesting info!

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